Irish Independence Relevant to Tibet

March 24, 2008

On this day, Easter Monday, I feel that it is fitting to mention the 92nd anniversary of the Easter Rising, where so many fought bravely and lost their lives, so that we, the generations to come would have an Irish republic in which to live. Lá Nua included an Irish Proclamation of Independence as Gaeilge in the most recent edition of the paper dated 19/03/08, which can be downloaded from the above link. I also feel that it is fitting for us to remember today the struggle that continues in Tibet, as the Tibetans continue to fight for their independence from the oppression and barbarity of China. Ireland is but a young republic and it isn’t that long ago since we were fighting for our own independence. Public support is needed for Tibet and this day symbolises that importance poignantly. However, may it be gained through peace and not through bloodshed, as it was in Ireland, the pain of which continues to the present day.